Ithalya X is a new injectable medical device with a formulation of specifically hydrated macromolecular hyaluronic acid to
reshape the body. With Ithalya X is possible to remodel buttocks, calves and other areas of the body in general where an increase of adipose tissue volume is required.

Benefits and Advantages: remodeling the body in a natural and safe way is now possible with Ithalya X, that is biocompatible, resorbable and long lasting, hence to avoid the risks of scars, prosthesis implant, and surgical interventions with the use of even total anesthesia thus it improvesthe appearance of your body with a quick procedure and short down time period that allows the patients to return back to work; the effect is long lasting and the procedure can be repeated after certain period depending on the subject conditions.

Technical features

Active component: Cross-linked macromolecular hyaluronic acid
Origin: bacterial fermentation
Concentration: 20 mg/ml
Cross-linking agent: BDDE
Molecular weight: about 2 million Daltons
Degree of crosslinking: 
Sterilization: autoclave
Needle diameter: 
Plant points: buttocks, calves, depressions body remodeling / asymmetries
Injection leve: deep dermis / subcutaneous
Conservation: 5/25°C