Ithalya IV is the formulation with the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid in the Ithalya line (26 MG / ML) and has the highest values in terms of density and viscosity, which translate into a very high G ‘(about 600 000 m. Pas) for greater resistance and elasticity in the tissues which make the gel perfect for all face contouring treatments, it allows an increase in volumes in areas such as chin and cheekbones, including the treatment of facial lipoatrophies, with an implant recommended therefore in the medium and deep dermis.

Technical features

Active component: Cross-linked hyaluronic acid
Origin: bacterial fermentation
Concentration: 26 mg/ml
Cross-linking agent: BDDE
Degree of crosslinking: *****
Sterilization: autoclave
Needle diameter: 25 G
Plant points: cheekbones and cheeks, chin face contour
Injection leve: dermis medium / deep
Conservation: 5/25°